Opera Australia takes the spotlight!

We helped Opera Australia reach a broader audience.





Opera Australia

Unfortunately, Opera has traditionally been viewed as high art for an elitist and conservative audience. These perceptions have made opera mostly inaccessible to a wider audience and have led to an art form in decline.

In Opera Australia, we saw the opportunity to demystify opera by emphasizing its universal qualities: color, drama, passion, humanity, and vibrancy. These were themes that would appeal to the traditional as well as a wider contemporary audience.

Research showed that opera takes the emotions and situations of everyday life and makes them larger than life. In short – opera was life with the volume turned up. As such, “Life Amplified” became Opera Australia’s brand essence. It was used to drive all parts of Opera Australia’s brand communications – from identity to advertising to subscriptions.

The new essence has helped deliver higher awareness and appreciation for opera, opening the experience to a younger and wider audience.