Small cars with a big future

For Perodua, getting to the top is only half the story.






But the management team wasn’t satisfied with their position at the top. They saw the challenges that looming market liberalization would bring and they wanted to be ready.

Our analysis revealed a brand with a great story waiting to be told. Perodua has a strong history of building lasting relationships with its customers, its employees, and its partner in Japan, Daihatsu Motors.

Since people are what drive Perodua, we put people at the heart of the brand strategy. We developed a concept to reflect this fresh way of thinking and created a new visual identity and comprehensive messaging system. We animated the new identity for use in television commercials and interactive media.

Our new brand statement, “Building Cars, People First,” mirrors Perodua’s new visual identity.

Before the external launch of the new identity, we focused on bringing the brand to life within the company. We introduced brand ambassador workshops and an internal poster campaign.

Brand tracking studies confirm that Perodua is moving in the right direction.

Perodua was ranked as the seventh most valuable Malaysia brand in Interbrand’s 2007 survey and looks set to continue its upward trajectory.