Harnessing the power of the ocean

We propelled a biotechnology company to success.





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PharmaMar had a unique mission – to discover and bring to market marine-derived, anti-cancer drugs.

We developed two names: a generic (INN) name and a brand name that signaled the unique marine origins of the compound.

The drug’s new, generic name, trabectedin, was coined from the name of the algae from which the compound originated (ecteinascidin).

The brand name Yondelis® was inspired by the Latin word for wave. Onda, speaks both to the drug’s marine origins as well as its triple mechanism of action, signaled through the use of the distinctive “Y” prefix.

Both names help further reinforce PharmaMar’s unique position as the leading developer of innovative drugs of marine origin.

Yondelis® was approved by the FDA in July 2007. It is the first new treatment for advanced soft tissue sarcoma (STS) to be approved for over two decades.

PharmaMar was honored, in October 2008, with the Elsevier Galien Award for Excellence in Biotechnological R&D.

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