Understanding what the customer wants

We carried out a new identity for POSCO “The Sharp(#)”





The Sharp (The #)

As competition in the construction industry grew increasingly fiercer with the protracted downturn in the housing market, POSCO Engineering and Construction (POSCO E&C) asked Interbrand to carry out a brand renewal project for its apartment brand “the Sharp (#).”

In order to build a unique and well-defined image for “the #,” we came up with core brand idea and slogan that reflects what customers want, rather than simply emphasizing the brand’s premium image or functional features. In addition, we sought out effective communication of the existing logo through various channels at every customer touchpoint. As part of that effort, we suggested a three-dimensional logo that lives up to the brand’s premium image by highlighting the systematic unity and curved lines of the symbol “#,” while establishing its visual identity system. To enhance readability, we put the new brand name “The Sharp” next to the logo “#” after in-depth discussions with the client.

POSCO E&C has carried out a large-scale campaign to improve brand awareness with the launch of its renewed brand “The Sharp #.”