Developing a store concept to launch the brand internationally

Volcom offers a skateable experience to live the brand






Volcom is a leading sport brand, with origins in surf, skate and snowboarding. Founded in 1991 in the beach communities of Southern California’s Orange County, the brand is known as the “youth against establishment” action clothing company. Building on its years of success, Volcom opened its first store in LA in 2002 and continued to expand.

After great success in the North American market, the brand looked to launch internationally. Interbrand Paris developed a retail concept for the roll-out that best brought forward Volcom’s values.

With a young, punk and creative vibe, the brand needed to allow the product to be the hero and provide the customer with a unique experience. The Volcom brand is rich, produces brand content, supports artists, sponsors events, appeals to athletes and has a specific graphic identity and a strong history.

The retail concept we created for Volcom highlighted all of these key elements. The core concept is to create a completely “skateable” place, thus creating a dynamic relationship with customers.

To generate more revenue from the store experience, a “rebound effect” promotes impulse buying and also facilitates the customer journey. Shoppers move through the space in way that contrasts excitement from experience with excitement from merchandise to maximize the desire for Volcom branded goods.

The logo inspires the graphic theme throughout: the stone as the foundation and the stripes as the landscape. The in-store experience also integrates digital, reflecting the ways in which Volcom’s consumers connect with technology. Digital elements in the space include projection onto the ceiling of some of the most recent brand content, a multi-media collage, a boarding history wall and the mannequins host content through television screen heads.

The roll-outs are taking place around the globe, offering as many people as possible the opportunity to enjoy a singular and skateable experience.