A deeper look

How Pacific Brands harnessed previously unrecognized brand value.





Pacific Brands

All over Australia and New Zealand someone somewhere currently owns or is wearing a product produced by Pacific Brands. Aussies and Kiwi consumers work, sleep, play, socialize, and relax with icon labels such as Bonds, Jockey, Dunlop, and Tontine. Virtually every aspect of their lifestyle incorporates these “Everyday Essentials” brands – all year round.

Our work with Pacific Brand’s began as a look into its brand value and grew into a revalue of Pacific Brands’ portfolio for inclusion into an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

To optimize and justify the maximum value of its trademarks to the investment community, Pacific Brands clearly identified and demonstrated the intangible asset value placed on the company balance sheet. Additionally, thanks to our research, the value of each individual icon brand could be clearly communicated to the investor community.

Our brand valuation ensured that Pacific Brands was at the forefront of a well--supported subscription and premium value listing price by investors. With our help, Pacific Brands was able to harness previously unrecognized brand value and made a successful debut on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).