Communicating Piaget’s elegance and modernity

Unveiling a leading luxury retail brand.






In 1999 Interbrand created a boutique concept for the Swiss watch and jewelry brand, Piaget. The concept was based on communicating elegance through treatment of space. The choice of color and materials focused on creating an atmosphere of warmth that highlights the products to their full advantage. Clean lines and minimal and modular furniture emphasize the modernity of the brand.

Interbrand has since accompanied the brand in the evolution of this retail concept and its implementation across the globe. In May 2009 Interbrand designed Time Gallery, an exclusive museum space in Switzerland showcasing Piaget’s pieces and history. The success of the new design led Piaget to open two more Time Galleries, one in Hong Kong and Shanghai in addition to a flagship store in London.

The latest flagship store in London is centered on the idea of a creating an atmosphere of comfort that encourages the customer to linger. Adapting and working with the urban space selected for the store, Interbrand created a transparent, inviting facade, a sober color palette, use of curtains and cushions in the lounge, and a library. All these details aim at bridging the divide between the shoppers’ discovery process and the purchase process.

The opening of Piaget in London is another step in Piaget’s journey to becoming an internationally recognized producer of high-end luxury watches and jewelry.

Since 2000, the network of stores has multiplied by three and Interbrand’s continues to collaborate with the Swiss brand.