Rethinking the way we send and receive

Volly changes the way Pitney Bowes exchanges with consumers






As a B2B company historically, Pitney Bowes had never spoken to consumers directly. Readying for the launch of its first major software platform aimed at consumers, Pitney Bowes had to shift its approach to reach to a new audience. To help the company successfully pivot and expand their offering to consumers, Interbrand worked with Pitney Bowes to develop a name, voice, and visual identity for the online digital mailbox tool.

Having invested heavily in a platform that would help the company—and consumers—transition from managing paper mail to providing digital solutions, the question was not how to lift the brand to new heights, but how to create a brand upon which the entire company could rise.

In order to create a strong visual and verbal identity, we needed to identify the core needs this new brand might address. We looked no further than everyday life, which is too often disorganized, hectic and full of pesky mundane tasks. Imagining the challenges people typically face choosing service providers and juggling numerous “to do” items, we crafted a brand proposition that could speak to a marketplace starved for clarity and dulled by everyday tasks. We wanted to create a brand identity that would imply change and opportunity, offering people a chance to rise above the burden of clutter and uncover new and exciting ways to organize their lives.

With these ideas in mind, we began our name exploration. As we considered the consumer’s predicament, specifically the onslaught of information most people grapple with daily, we determined that the most appealing name for Pitney Bowes’ mail solution would be one that implied both freedom and some sense of order and control. Ultimately focusing on a gesture that seemed to capture the benefit and organizing power of the new software, we arrived at a name with the right message and right tonality: Volly. Referencing the act of volleying, a term associated with athletic action and deriving from the Latin, volare (to fly), we delivered a name that would resonate with harried consumers with its promise of speed, upward movement and freedom.

With an uplifting name as the conceptual basis of the new brand, we created a friendly, optimistic brand voice to accompany it, as well as a lively visual system that would clearly communicate the benefits of the solution Volly offers when it comes to exchanging and organizing information and making life simpler. Having successfully created a consumer-friendly name and identity, both visually and verbally, Interbrand helped pave the way forward for Pitney Bowes by bringing its new mail solution to life.