A star is born

We helped establish PwC as a single global brand.






It also created one of the world’s largest branding tasks. In order to merge two distinct and previously competitive entities into a world-class brand with a single face, it would be necessary to break down legacy barriers and engage employees.

We began by developing an ambitious Employee Communications Program that removed employees from their professional context and showcased them as individuals with unique personalities and interests.

The communication program was shot by some of the world’s best photographers and featured all levels of employees - from assistants to senior management. It turned employees into stars, further underlining the fact that the success of the new company would depend on the highly talented people that worked there.

The program was highly successful and played a major role in merging the two cultures and bringing employees together.

By putting the employees front and center, we helped establish PricewaterhouseCoopers as a single, global brand and a company that is targeted as a preferred employer by many of the world’s best graduates.