Pronto Software

How Interbrand & Pronto partnered to challenge conformity





Pronto Software

Pronto Software has been developing award-winning Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for over 30 years. With built-in intelligence, flexibility and an easy-to-use interface, its flagship product, Pronto Xi, enables users to discover rich business insights.

The brief presented to Interbrand was simple – create a brand that allowed Pronto to stand out in a market dominated global giants such as SAP, Microsoft and Oracle. Since Pronto is a challenger brand that punches above its weight, it needed a brand that reflected that stance.

Through in-depth analysis and a multitude of interviews, Interbrand got to the heart of what made Pronto different. In an industry characterised by best practice and one-size-fits-all solutions, Pronto stood out. It firmly believed in the power of actively listening to clients, adapting its product to meet their needs and ultimately revealing the best solution. It’s these uniquely human traits in a world of cold, unfeeling technology that Interbrand set out to highlight. It was something powerfully authentic and true to Pronto’s culture and heritage. It was how Pronto continually exceeded client expectations, delivering moments of utter surprise and delight.

While competitors continued to swim in a sea of sameness with clichéd stock photography, Interbrand gave Pronto a fresh illustration-led identity full of character, personality and wit. The centerpiece of Pronto’s identity was a wordmark based on the interrobang – the amalgamation of a question mark and exclamation mark. It succinctly captured the moment of inspiration, clarity and insight one had when using Pronto’s software. It challenged category convention by celebrating the software user, rather than the software, as the hero of the moment. The call-to-action – Find Your Moment - further delivered on this.

Needless to say, Pronto was delighted with the outcome. David Jackman, Managing Director of Pronto, noted, “With this new rebrand, Interbrand has produced something unique and different, challenging the conformity of the entire ERP and BI space. It’s also authentic and true to our unique way of delivering ERP solutions, and will help us direct the future of the business.”

The Pronto website redesign and video can be seen here: