Quod erat demonstrandum

A name people can trust.






Changing a company’s name due to a change in ownership is usually not a simple task, especially if the existing name is extremely popular. But when Union Investment acquired all of the shares in the joint venture company Union PanAgora Asset Management, a change was unavoidable.

After considering the rational and precise nature of our client’s business, we quickly realized that the new name needed to express objectivity and vision. At the same time, because of its extensive focus on quantitative analysis, it was important for the name to be reminiscent of mathematics. For this reason, Ancient Greek and Latin were the preferred sources of inspiration in developing the name. Despite the potential for trademark conflicts, an existing word was the solution that impressed our client.

The new name, Quoniam, which means “because” in Latin, is distinctive and appealing. It emphasizes the company’s focus on economically plausible facts, which can be measured objectively.