A community called the world

The identity we gave Rabobank in the early nineties is just as relevant today.






But as the forces of globalization and rationalization hit the financial sector, Rabobank had to adapt quickly or face the possibility of merging and losing its independence.

It needed a public face that could span the world, yet retain the bank’s traditional spirit.

We achieved this with a positioning and identity built on Rabobank’s legacy of making time for people and being at the heart of the community.

Human yet universal, the rebranding broke new ground for the Dutch bank and touched every aspect of the bank’s operations and employee and customer interfaces.

It quickly succeeded in motivating employees, was a hit with customers, and provided an ideal communications platform on which to roll out Rabobank’s international plans.

Today, Rabobank has a presence in all the world’s major financial centers, as well as the most significant emerging markets.

Although we've subsequently updated and tweaked the identity, its essentials remain very much in place. It continues to act as an attractive and human face for a major international bank.

And that can make a world of difference.