The making of a contemporary luxury icon

A revamp of Rémy Martin VSOP and Rémy Martin VS drove demand.





Rémy Martin

We used its leadership in the cognac category to establish Rémy Martin’s product VS (Very Special) as a major player on three continents (North America, Africa, and Europe).

Visibility on retail displays and bar shelves was key.

We increased VS’s impact with a new logo system that highlighted the Rémy Martin brand name and the Champagne Cognac label of origin.

To capitalize on consumption trends and position the brand as a modern and refined cognac, we designed a premium package was that uses fire orange metallic color codes and a printed centaur silkscreen on the bottle.

A name that evoked top quality and uniqueness was recommended. The new name – Grand Cru – referenced the champagne cognac label of origin and reinforced the name with a monogram, “GC.” To make the beverage more in vogue, we promoted it for mixed drink consumption.

We made design recommendations for VSOP as well. A newly designed bottle case had more appeal and a radiant feel. An elegant shimmering red color symbol, a sophisticated label, and a bottle structure with slender lines, evokes the selectivity, sensuality, and premium taste of the beverage.

All new brand elements were carefully evaluated to identify any cultural issues and our marketing initiatives were tailored to local markets to respond to cultural differences. A common, yet differentiated denominator established a sound and strong brand environment on three continents.

Modern and sophisticated: we helped make Rémy Martin a contemporary, luxury brand.