Rooted in history, Facing the future

A new positioning guided by the spirit of tradition





Ryukoku University

Ryukoku University, a Buddhist university with a rich history and tradition, turned to Interbrand to help build a brand bridging its strong founding principles and the future. As birth rates continue to fall in Japan, competition is heating up among universities for incoming students. Interbrand worked with Ryukoko to update its image to reflect the true nature of this international, lively university with high academic standards.

Based on an analytic review of a thorough survey and discussions, Interbrand concluded that Ryukoku University should clearly focus internal and external communications around a single, unified concept, and that the communications should be based on the student perspective.

Ryukoku’s Buddhist worldview is based on the spirit of “Pure Land Buddhism” (Jodo Shinshu), reflected in the university’s goal to provide a firm educational foundation for all students to face the challenges of uncertain, perhaps even chaotic future with certainty and confidence. This belief is reflected in Ryukoku University’s new brand proposition (core concept), “know the essence, face the future.”

Interbrand also developed a new brand slogan “You, Unlimited,” which communicates the university’s wish for all students to reach their unlimited capabilities and to create their own futures. For visual representation of the Ryukoku brand, we developed a wide range of items including a new logo mark, graphic elements, banners, a new website and intranet site, smart phone applications, SNS tools, etc.

After the launch in September 2012, Ryukoku University’s awareness has increased greatly in the university community. Students and staff are embracing the change, forming a “brand implementation team” to help further consolidate the new Ryukoku University brand.