Music + innovation

How le Studio SFR became the largest mobile and music store in Europe.






In 2006, SFR, French Vodafone’s local brand, acquired 1500 sqm in the heart of Paris for a flagship store to be built on SFR’s vision of “Music.”

The store name, “le Studio SFR,” and the cornerstone of the project – a 200-capacity concert hall – were built on this concept.

A fast moving technology market and a complicated building site with a 24-month timeline impacted SFR’s brand vision. To improve upon the initial concept and offset risk, we introduced a new quality in the architecture: innovation.

Groundbreaking materials and equipment provided visibility between the concert hall and sales level above, while maintaining soundproofing.

Animated walls, composed of dozens of flat screens, and a computerized theatrical lighting system further enhanced the shopper experience, as did a highly simplified customer and sales process.

An experiential environment allowed customers to personalize their mobile phone, as well as demo new mobile phone applications .

A restaurant and Internet lounge bar offered free WiFi where shoppers can listen to“sonic showers” and download up to one million singles.

This innovative mobile and music store garnered numerous awards, including the 2008 Janus du Commerce (from the French Ministry of Commerce), 2008 Top Com (architecture section), and 2008 Strategies (honorable mention for environmental design).

Following this successful work for the brand, Interbrand continued to collaborate with SFR in developing a concept called Imagine for its retail outlets : a customer centric shopping experience which aimed at creating an atmosphere that encourages customers to explore SFR’s offer in a comfortable atmosphere. The concept was successfully implemented across 158 stores in France in 2011.

In 2011 FNAC (an international retail chain offering electronic and cultural products)chose SFR as its partner to develop its offer in telecommunications. Interbrand was chosen to integrate the concept Imagine into the FNAC stores . This concept called Shop in Shop is under development and 2012 will see its implementation in France.