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When the supply of a competitor’s approved treatment was uncertain due to product contamination issues, Shire was faced with an unanticipated priority regulatory review for its innovative, intravenous product for Gaucher’s disease. As one of its many commercialization needs, Shire needed to fast track the development and selection of a brand name.

To meet this challenge, Shire asked InterbrandHealth to develop and assess brand name candidates in an extremely accelerated manner.

The marketplace for Gaucher’s Disease is relatively small, consisting of products that were traditionally branded and focused on scientific communications. Shire needed to create a differentiated brand name that had the ability to communicate both the scientific and emotional benefits of the product to multiple audiences.

It was essential for Shire to secure the regulatory approval of its preferred brand name candidate upon first submission to the FDA, given the accelerated timeline for launch.

The innovative and distinctive name we created—VPRIV—suggests empowerment and strength. The letter “V” at the beginning of the name provides a subtle link to the generic name “velaglucerase alfa” and the “IV” ending signals the formulation of the product.

Additionally, “PRIV” is derived from “primary” and “prevail,” signaling VPRIV is a powerful solution that will allow patients to triumph in their fight against Gaucher’s Disease.

VPRIV’s acceptability as a brand name candidate was confirmed by InterbrandHealth’s proprietary 10/10® methodology.

The FDA approved VPRIV in February 2010.

The EMA approved VPRIV in June 2010.

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