When standing out is essential

How Snowberry became the fresh new face in luxury cosmetics.






Biochemist Soraya Hendesi developed a premium anti-aging skincare product to launch to the world.

Our challenge was to gain presence for Snowberry in an already crowded market.

We gathered market intelligence on cosmeceuticals, cosmetics, natural skincare products, and luxury products worldwide. We investigated options for, and the viability of, introducing a new product into the market.

Our recommendation: to position Snowberry in cosmetics, but as a younger, aspirational, and most importantly, “new luxury” brand.

We set about creating a strong visual identity that reinforced this distinctive positioning and added value to the core ideas of purity, freshness, and enchantment conveyed by the product’s name “Snowberry.”

The bright and whimsical artwork that is Snowberry’s visual and verbal signature is multi-layered, telling stories within stories that reflect the Snowberry philosophy. It brings a sense of “wonderment” to the packaging, POS displays, and other marketing material.

Snowberry quickly gained the attention of distributors and media. Its launch and consumer reception in Germany was extremely positive. The visual identity and packaging instantly positioned the brand and created consumer interest.

Snowberry Wins a Dieline Award!

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