Revitalizing an iconic brand

Saint Maclou addresses a younger clientele





Saint Maclou

Saint Maclou is a brand that is part of French heritage and immediately springs to the minds of French people who want to redecorate their home.

However, the brand had not anticipated the evolution of consumer expectations and the arrival of new competitors in the DIY market. It had an ageing customer base and young people felt the brand was old fashioned.

Interbrand assisted Saint Maclou in reaffirming its brand mission – to develop customer loyalty among young couples, appeal to the growing number of female customers in the market and emphasise their brand offer in home decoration and flooring as well as home renovation materials.

We devised:
- A retail concept with warm décor and new merchandizing to ensure product visibility
- A clear and unintimidating tone of voice
- A renewed corporate identity enriched by colorful graphics.

The client immediately adopted the new brand platform and strategy developed by Interbrand.