Wake up and smell the coffee

We brewed up effective packaging for a new Wal-Mart brand.





Sam's Choice

Wal-Mart wanted to launch a coffee brand under the Sam’s Choice umbrella that featured quality gourmet coffee at a fair price. The brand also needed to leverage a key consumer purchase criterion: a positive environmental impact through sustainable farming.

Wal-Mart chose a small, family-owned Brazilian coffee company as its supplier. Time to launch the product was tight. We developed a complete package design system for the new Sam’s Choice Coffee in just six weeks. Steps included conducting a gourmet coffee design audit, delivering a wide range of design concepts, revising the design system, hiring an artist to create proprietary paintings of the family’s land in Brazilian countryside, finalizing artwork for six bags and shippers, and attending press runs in South America.

The program launched in spring 2008 and was one of four new product lines featured in a national advertising campaign. Expectations are high that Sam’s Choice Coffee will perk up sales.