Sandevid reinvents the category it invented

A 360° change for one of Spain’s leading beverage brands






The Sandevid Group focuses its business on selling mainly red wines and wine coolers and has a flagship product, “Red Summer,” that has made it an industry leader. Despite its apparent leadership in Spain’s “tinto de verano” category and its growing success over the past two decades, the company was concerned about longevity. Sandevid wanted to know how to continue standing out in an increasingly crowded sector. To accomplish just that, Sandevid called on Interbrand to refresh its image and strengthen the connection between its brand and consumers.

First, Interbrand carried out a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, which revealed that one of the company’s greatest strengths is the quality of its product. However, the assessment also revealed that Sandevid’s visual image and brand strategy needed to be completely revamped.

In order to reinforce the company’s major area of strength and address the need for more impact visually, Interbrand developed a new brand strategy. Informed by Sandevid’s business objectives, Interbrand helped the company establish a new brand idea and set of values that would align with its business strategy and help guide its future actions.

With the development of a new brand idea and values came the opportunity to communicate in a more coherent, consistent way that would resonate emotionally with consumers. Moving beyond the stereotypical associations between alcohol and girls in bikinis, Sandevid’s new positioning now reflects it values: authenticity, enthusiasm, spontaneity and inventiveness. It’s new claim, “Saca lo Bueno” (“It brings out the best”), links the brand to positive feelings, experiences and potentials.

The new strategy also had to be brought to life visually. Though new visual codes have been introduced, the design retains the brand’s original yellow and black colors as the basis of the new visual identity. Bringing a more contemporary feel to the logotype, the brand’s signature “S” is now more modern and fluid. With a fresh new look that captures Sandevid’s spirit and values, the brand now has a powerful identity that will differentiate it for years to come.

To roll the new look and positioning out successfully, an ambitious implementation plan was developed for all touchpoints. From labeling and stationery to its online presence, physical signage, and advertisements, achieving consistency between all the products in its range would be key.

At present, Interbrand Madrid is still working with Sandevid as a strategic marketing partner to continue building greater visibility and reach. Over the past year, Sandevid’s strong emphasis on digital has done much to differentiate the brand from its competitors. In order to make the most of Sandevid’s digital potential, we look for ideas that give us enough breadth to develop multiple actions around each campaign. For example, the brand’s biggest campaign, “Patrulla Sandevid” (The Sandevid Squad)—which was launched across all digital channels and social networks—had an impressive impact: 23 percent growth on Facebook, 50 percent growth on Twitter, and more than 155,230 views for the campaign video on YouTube.

The result demonstrates that, in order to maintain its position of leadership, a brand must realize when it needs to change and act accordingly—even if that means reinventing the category it originally invented.