Strengthening a market leader through design

A bottle that does more





Mini La Villageoise

La Villageoise is the best-selling wine brand in France. However, increasingly, the brand is facing competition from distributors’ private labels in its segment, the cooking wine market. Making the situation more complicated, these competitors are relying on the same differentiating factor that has brought so much strength to the La Villageoise brand: its French origins. Now lacking exclusivity on the basis of origin, La Villageoise had to think of a new way to connect with its audience. With the development of Mini La Villageoise—a smaller sized version of the French favorite in a convenient six-pack—the brand had a fresh opportunity to further differentiate itself, maintain its leadership, reassert the brand’s value, and gain new consumers.

Interbrand teams reaffirmed the brand by focusing on its fundamental purpose: use in cooking. By adopting a new positioning emphasizing its culinary importance rather than its origins, La Villageoise was able to not only differentiate itself from competitors, but also establish itself firmly as a leading player.

But to bring the strategy to life, a new package design was needed. To help reposition the brand strongly, Interbrand developed a design that captures the essence of the new positioning, puts a spotlight on quality and expresses the richness of the brand. Communicating its relevance to cooking through clever details, the bottles’ new corks are shaped like a chef’s hat. Beyond its obvious symbolism, the cork is also useful for the customer: it functions as a dispenser glass, and contains a bag of seasoning that accents the recipes featured on Villageoise’s bottles. The design embodies the shift in the brand’s strategy and differentiates through a new look and a new level of functionality. Richer, more original, and more strongly positioned, La Villageoise is now a commonly referenced and recommended brand of cooking wine.

Retailers liked the new offer so much they asked the Société des Vins de France to enrich it before it was even launched. Taking inspiration from the new bottle design, the Société proposed tucking a bag of seasoning into the hollow of the new cork to add a special touch. With a clever, updated look and greater value to cooks than ever in both flavor and convenience, La Villageoise’s new range is helping the brand reassert its market leadership.