A corporate rebranding tracking study

We provided insight into shareholders’ perception of the new brand





Sonae Holding

Sonae Holding, a Portuguese conglomerate, was founded in 1959. It is the largest private employer in Portugal. The company has operations in retail, real estate development, telecommunications and information technology services, tourism services and other related activities through its subsidiaries SonaeMC, Sonae SR, Sonae Sierra, Sonaecom, and Sonae RP.

In early 2010, Sonae rolled out its new corporate identity after investing in a significant rebranding effort. The reason for this initiative was to reinforce Sonae’s existing brand values and firmly establish additional ones, like openness and creativity. Besides a new visual identity, a new corporate slogan was also introduced, "Improving Life."

Interbrand was asked to evaluate the success of Sonae’s new brand strategy in terms of general reputation improvement, ability to transmit the desired brand values, the potential to build a relationship between Sonae and its commercial brands, as well as increase visibility of the corporate brand. In addition, Interbrand established targets to measure future success and revealed ways to improve the corporate brand in the months and years ahead.