A rising star in the porcelain industry

Replacing a traditional brand with a striking name






From a banquet table in the atrium of a Moscow hotel, to breakfast at a luxury resort in the Maldives, to lunch at a five-star golf resort in Ireland, tables at fine establishments around the world are set with "Hutschenreuther Hotel" porcelain. However, as the manufacturer’s right touse the Hutschenreuther name had expired, it was necessary to adopt a new brand name.

Our client needed a distinctive and impressive brand name which could be used worldwide and would stand out in the international hotel and restaurant scene. Instead of following the trend of adopting more or less abstract names inspired by Romanic languages, as other international luxury brands have done, we recommended a brand name which would convey German expertise and tradition in the area of porcelain.

The new name, "Tafelstern," reflects the brand positioning perfectly. The word "Tafel’"(German for "Table") stands for fine dining. "Stern" (German for "Star") is associated with excellence, especially in the hotel and restaurant industries. Together, these elements create a timeless name, which conveys the premium character of the brand as well as its strong heritage. The name was also the inspiration for the new key visual – a napkin folded into the shape of a star.

Replacing an established brand name with an outstanding international reputation is a major step. With "Tafelstern," Interbrand effectively developed a highly recognizable name which even outshines the old one. It has also been received positively by fine dining establishments around the world.