Leading a changing world

We gave Troika Dialog the brand it deserves.





Troika Dialog

Troika Dialog is one of the founders of the modern Russian financial market. The leading investment bank is known worldwide for holding one of the main annual forums on Russia’s economy – The Russia Forum – and for establishing a world-class business school in Russia.

Amid Russia’s financial boom Troika scored around 130 percent year-on-year growth rate, leaving the top management little time to better think adaptation and integration of newcomers and guidance to old staff. As a result, it was in desperate need of a new identity that reflected the feeling of security and responsibility that Troika evokes in fast developing markets.

The idea behind the comprehensive rebrand was guidance: Troika Dialog’s ability to take customers through an always changing, unstable environment.

This idea is reflected in our visual style, which was implemented in print, interior, and electronic media. The new style features a logo that is always moving, symbolizing the permanently changing world and the exchange of information. Additionally three triangles in basic RGB colors represent each client group, all which guide the clients and markets. Meanwhile, the addition of “Dialog” to the name evokes power and multiplicity.

Top management and staff praised the rebrand. It was also received high marks when it was presented at the Russia Forum in Moscow and at Davos Forum.

Following the brand launch, Troika Dialog asked us to develop flexible retail outlet model, which was adapted to the different needs of Troika Dialog’s clients. New offices included conference rooms to allow each office to connect by video conference. As of today, Troika remains engaged with our services. We expect more successful projects in the future.