Making people smile.

TUI’s smile conquers the world.






In order to bundle the multitude of products and services offered and effectively exploit synergies, an umbrella brand was developed for implementation in 16 different countries. The aim of this umbrella brand was to provide customers with a compelling brand promise throughout the entire chain of experience, all the way to their respective destinations.

Based on the developed vision (“World of TUI is the most beautiful time of the year”) and mission (“Putting a smile on people’s faces”), a universally understood symbol was created for the new “World of TUI” umbrella brand: a smile.

The multiple color concept and unique typeface created for World of TUI make it possible to experience the new brand values in a distinct and unmistakable way that crosses all linguistic and cultural boundaries. In this way, the new brand guarantees a consistent brand promise for the customer – from the travel agency to the airline, on to the hotel, and back home again.

TUI is now the largest tourism group in Europe.