Making a better connection

How we helped Telstra see the world in full colour






Our mission was to transform Telstra, positioning it as an industry leader and creating a dynamic brand refresh. Perception of the company had suffered in recent years as frustrations grew over customer service and billing issues. Key customer segments, including the youth market, felt alienated. To reconstruct its brand image and its relationship with consumers, we developed a new brand idea: “It’s how we connect.”

Telstra had a unique problem – a large customer base, but a larger customer approval gap. Impacting brand perception was their legacy as a government-owned company that once held the telco monopoly. Telstra then lost ground to telcos that had inferior products and services because of Telstra's diminished reputation.

Recognizing their disadvantageous position as the national broadband network got set to roll out across Australia and customers reassessed their telco providers, Telstra realized that in order to remain market leaders, they must change the public’s attitude toward the brand. In addition, they needed to shift from being a brand of the past, to being perceived as the brand of today, appealing to a younger demographic.

Telstra used blue exclusively, and specifically a tone perceived as being “too corporate,” to communicate with all their audiences, alienating many in the process. Their blue was not working for them in reaching out to a broader and younger audience. It was holding them back, not allowing them to be the bold, exuberant, dynamic brand they needed to be.

We went with a bold vision of the full spectrum of color – to communicate with the full spectrum of audiences, using the full spectrum of tones and emotions. Allowing Telstra to represent itself, shifting colors, it demonstrates a fluidity and ability to connect with customers in relatable ways, putting the focus on the customer.

The redesign was well received in the market with 81% of Australian consumers surveyed responding positively towards the new brand. 58% described it as a “refreshing change”. 65% said it made them “feel that Telstra is changing."

Consideration scores, which have been declining for the last 5 years, have now begun to rise following the re-launch. Consumer consideration has risen 5% and business consideration has increased by 9% — unprecedented improvements in Telstra’s history.

In his recent address to the financial markets, Telstra CEO, David Thodey, has noted the impact of Brand and Marketing activities on the performance of the business, saying, “The time is right for a new look and feel for Telstra. We’ve been busy changing behind the scenes to better connect with our customers, and our new brand identity reflects this fresh approach.”