Taking fashion to the streets

Terranova’s new brand identity boosts sales.






Terranova is the leading Italian fast fashion brand, with over 400 stores in over than 30 countries, and a first mover advantage in some emerging markets.

However, lack of a real positioning, growing competitors such as Zara and H&M, were stifling the chain’s development. This brought the ownership to ask Interbrand to run a program aimed at having the brand lead execution - not the other way around.

We conducted thorough qualitative analysis in five countries, which showed price to be the key driver for Terranova customers—leading to huge risks in terms of continuity of demand and quality perceptions. An in-depth management audit showed a need for Terranova to add a true storytelling quality to its stores. This led to the brand idea, “easy to wear, easy to buy, easy to live”

The new identity is based on a fully designed typeface and a smart use of the "double T" exponential icon to suggest the brand’s Italian origins. All in all, the new design clearly establishes the brand as a democratic trendsetter.

Interbrand also assisted on the development of a new, highly effective store concept.