The American School Foundation

Repositioning one of Mexico’s leading schools





The American School Foundation

The American School Foundation (ASF) is one of the leading schools in Mexico. Established in Mexico City by American industrialists in the late 1800s, the school offers top quality education to students from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Reaching a milestone in 2013, the institution saw its 125th anniversary as a golden opportunity to renew its brand.

Rich in heritage but focused on the future, ASF wanted to ensure that its brand would continue to be relevant to students, parents, educators, and other stakeholders. To reflect the school’s evolving place in the world of education, Interbrand proposed a complete redesign that would rejuvenate the brand and better transmit its values and core beliefs. Rather than opting for a minor logo tweak, ASF accepted the challenge.

Befitting an American school located in Mexico, Interbrand created an identity that symbolizes the unity between both countries’ cultures. Moreover, instead of developing two logos (one representing the school and another representing its sports activities), we recommended using only one to unify the brand.

The identity reflects qualities that are integral to the school’s new reality—modern, forward-thinking, international—while preserving the core elements that have always defined it visually: a shield, the original colors, an image of two intertwined flags, and stripes that represent the values of justice, understanding, and truth.

Expressing appreciation for Interbrand’s work, ASF’s Executive Director, Paul Williams said, “The application of the new identity was complex, since it involved hundreds of applications that needed to be implemented almost simultaneously in order to generate the biggest impact. Our new identity, and the consistency it provides, will help us communicate the leadership that has characterized our institution to all stakeholders.”