A timeless name for an iconic brand

How we created a new name to engage a more sophisticated, affluent audience






In 2007, Tiffany & Co. partnered with Interbrand to rename its ‘mesh’ jewelry line. The collection, which already had some recognition in the marketplace, was being expanded and re-launched in order to attract a slightly higher-end demographic. Specifically, they wanted to focus on the target audience of women between the ages of 15-50 and men 25-45. The collection consists of sterling silver, gold, leather and anodized stainless steel pieces with a unique woven textural element. The new lead item of the collection reflected the higher-end target audience and was a sterling silver ring of finer, more formal mesh with a row of diamonds.

What was Interbrand’s challenge? To create a name that is fresh, modern and exciting, while still being timeless, simple and sophisticated. The name needed to evoke the lifestyle of the target audience – sporty, energetic, active – as well as the fabric-like texture of the materials. In addition, it had to reflect the philosophy of the Tiffany brand (American sensibility) but still travel well to key markets outside of the US, such as Japan, the UK, and other European, Latin American and Asian markets.

We explored a variety of creative directions, initially including names that spoke to the texture of the jewelry itself and names that evoked a nautical feel. We also explored a range of constructs, from real-word to slightly coined. After presenting initial names, we worked with the client to have them consider place names as we thought they could uniquely capture the brand essence of this jewelry line.

The final name selected was Tiffany Somerset™. Somerset County in southern England is known for its rolling hills, beautiful coastlines and pleasant climate. As a name, Somerset evokes the idea of relaxing in the scenic countryside, effortless fun and enjoyment on a weekend afternoon, and memories of time spent at the beach. It’s a sophisticated choice that truly appeals to the slightly higher-end demographic that the line’s re-launch was positioned to reach.