A fresh start for an Australian icon

How we helped the Tip Top brand rise and shine.





Tip Top

Generations of Australians have grown up enjoying the healthy goodness and great taste of brands like Sunblest, 9Grain and UP. However, during that time, the portfolio of brands had also grown to become fragmented, so much so that it was losing its retail impact, in store and on shelf.

We were briefed to revive the Tip Top masterbrand and revitalize the portfolio as a family of bread brands. To this end, we identified three key challenges. Firstly, how to recapture Tip Top’s iconic credentials. Secondly, how to create the right connection between the masterbrand and individual bread brands. Thirdly, how to boost the portfolio’s standout on shelf, while also reducing clutter and unnecessary noise across the range.

In response to these challenges, we threw ourselves into the retail environment. We unlocked a series of key insights into the dynamics of the relationship between shoppers, bread brands and the retail space – with a view to reimagining the portfolio in store and on shelf. Using a balanced mix of shopper observations, insights capture, packaging strategy and portfolio design, we refreshed the masterbrand identity, remodeled the portfolio’s brand architecture and redesigned the full range of packaging.

As a result, we successfully elevated the role of the masterbrand through a simple, fold-down graphic device across the range that communicated Tip Top’s genuine and honest character – quality products that have nothing to hide.

This was further enhanced by a simpler, more direct approach to the information hierarchy on pack. Not only did we reduce the unnecessary clutter, but we also introduced a playful, more conversational tone of voice to bring personality to each of the bread brands.

What’s more, the resulting increase in competitive shelf standout was bolstered by increased differentiation within the range to help shoppers find their favorite loaf. And we supported this by working with our sister agency, DDB, to develop the integrated communications campaign – DDB created the television advertising, and we designed proximity media, in-store applications and point of sale.

The new masterbrand, packaging range and communications campaign launched in September 2010 with great success. Research conducted at launched indicated an increase in both shelf standout and the packaging’s shopper appeal. In their own words, it’s now “easy to find my favorite bread” – a simple, yet satisfying solution.