A powerful name for a powerful car

We helped Toyota’s Aurion become the Australian V6 of choice.






For many years Toyota lacked a credible offering in the V6 large car market. Past attempts with models such as the Avalon had been unsuccessful.

Toyota responded by developing a modern, dynamic V6 designed specifically for the Australian market.

We identified that the new name had to evoke feelings of prestige and innovation, demonstrating an evolution in design.

A bespoke naming methodology was created. Research and sonic branding techniques were used, alongside traditional naming methodologies.

The name Aurion implies a fresh start and new beginning. The name is derived from two sources: the Latin word for first light, “aurora,” and the Ancient Greek word for tomorrow, “orion."

Inspiring the advertising slogan, "Can't wait for tomorrow,” Aurion has truly signalled a new direction for the Australian V6 market.

Launched at the Melbourne Motor Show in 2006, the Toyota Aurion was named Best Large Car 2006, 2007 and Drive Large Car of the Year 2006, 2007.