A brand forged of steel

We created a streamlined brand for Usiminas.






Usiminas was composed of several companies working in the steel chain, and its operations were fragmented. While it was recognized for the high quality of its products, it was not ready or integrated enough to establish itself in the market and go international. We helped the company realize its full potential and leverage its unique characteristics.

Usiminas was particularly notable for its special way of extracting steel with capricho – the Portuguese word that describes a special way of doing things with care, dedication, expertise, and talent. To transform the brand’s negatives into positives, we developed four brand values: consistency, technique, capricho, and openness.

The new brand revealed Usiminas’ forward thinking, optimism and its ability to master the entire steel manufacturing process. It reflected the essence of the new thinking and new attitude that would be practiced by its entire staff.

While other big companies from the industry focus on how their steel affects people in their day-to-day lives, we focused on Usiminas’ agility, transparency, mastery, and openness to all ideas.

These qualities were woven through every element of the brand – from strategy, brand architecture, visual identity, verbal identity, employee engagement, to brand management.

A simple, strong logo, rooted in the brand’s origins was created. To ensure that the brand appeared accessible, an honest and spontaneous verbal identity was established.

The new Usiminas is now positioned and ready to compete globally.