A name that says “more”.

Creating a connection between a network and its audience.






Univision decided to reposition TeleFutura with the New American Hispanic bicultural audience in mind. It required a shift away from programming such as telenovelas and dubbed Hollywood movies, toward a more youthful, edgy and fresh perspective in Spanish-language television.

It needed a name to match.

After researching the target audience, we came to understand that young Hispanics speak both English and Spanish fluently, and consume English-language media, as well as Hispanic-specific programming. As a result of these findings, we knew that an ideal name would have to be simple, strong, easily recognizable in both English and Spanish, and one that could flex with a growing, changing audience.

It was also essential to create a stronger connection between this network and the Univision brand and portfolio. This was a core part of the rebrand. Therefore, it made sense to start with the prefix “Uni.”

Usage of “Uni” had its limitations, as all names had to be short, easy to say and sound good paired with “Uni.” However, a fruitful brainstorming session soon brought numerous monosyllabic words to light that yielded fresh possibilities with the right tonality. The reimagining of TeleFutura started to come together.

Following a successful presentation, we narrowed our shortlist down to six names. We then used our Name-Gauge methodology to assess consumer perceptions and the strength of the new names versus each other, and of the existing name, TeleFutura. This research enabled Univision to confidently make a final choice.

With daring new content in store, UniMás was launched in January 2013. An integral component of the new identity, the name UniMás is easy to pronounce in both English and Spanish, has a tonality that is playful yet strong, and a meaning that reflects the network’s new promise and direction: Más (“more”). Offering more action, more drama, and more sports to a generation of young viewers who are indeed hungry for edgy, culturally relevant content, the network formerly known as TeleFutura now has a name that says what it delivers: UniMás.

*Logo and identity created by Troika