Six in one go.

A naming system for top-quality steel pipes.





Multicert, Forterior, Spirafort, Avadur, FineXcell, Oceanfit

Making quality visible

Vallourec Deutschland is the global market leader of top-quality hot-rolled steel pipes for all applications. To ensure the brand’s continued leadership, Vallourec’s products needed to continue to stand out in an evolving sector. Since brand names are rarely used for steel products, branding them would be a great way for Vallourec to differentiate itself and draw attention to its materials.

To create awareness about the extraordinary quality of Vallourec products, Interbrand introduced strong brand names for several outstanding material developments. All of the names are easy-to-remember and relate to the essential material characteristics. A focus on material qualities led to a more creative and diverse array of name choices that could be intuitively understood—as opposed to a focus on the materials themselves, which would have yielded more uniform name choices.

The new naming system also integrates other identifying elements (i.e., technical details such as “yield strength”) in addition to basic characteristics. The system standardizes these names and defines them on the basis of inherent qualities as well as other specifications.

By providing a cohesive family of names that reflect the qualities of the materials, Interbrand created the ideal starting point for the products to attract a great deal of attention while providing the best possible point of reference within the product portfolio. The brand names also help users more easily identify the right products for various applications.