Grupo Vitalmex

Humanizing a leading player in the medical industry





Grupo Vitalmex

Grupo Vitalmex provides integrated medical services in Mexico. Bringing together solutions in an innovative way, the company equips both local and federal public institutions with cutting-edge technology that boosts productivity.

Vitalmex approached Interbrand looking for a complete repositioning of its brand. Its goal: to project a more caring and humane image that would better communicate its purpose and more fully engage patients.

Interbrand first valued the brand financially in order to determine the future impact of the rebranding project. We then developed a new brand strategy, which focused on the company’s commitment to each individual patient.

In order to bring the strategy to life, we created a new identity, as well as the visual elements and voice that would represent the brand and set Vitalmex apart. We also created a new brand architecture and supporting identities .

As a result, the brand has been transformed into one that is warmer, seems more committed, and embodies innovation and dynamism.

Highlighting the role of brand in business success, Vitalmex General Manager Jaime Cervantes said, “Vitalmex included the brand as an asset in the balance sheet. Its value turned out to be a vital part of our business strategy because we will be able to monitor it as a key contributor of success.”