Extra appeal for a radiant smile

A new visual identity emphasizes Extra’s oral health benefits.






Interbrand was commissioned to modernize the brand identity, which had remained virtually unchanged since its introduction. The idea was to enhance the brand’s visibility on store shelves and to standardize the visual identity for the expanded product portfolio. Although Wrigley’s Extra is positioned very differently in Germany and Scandinavia, the new design would be called upon to support the brand in both regions.

As is the case with most impulse-buy packaging, the logo and a high-contrast graphic dominate the Wrigley’s Extra design. The new visual identity emphasizes both the brand’s distinctive flavors and its benefits for oral health. The predominant graphic element is an iconographic “oval curve” that enhances the brand’s visibility and unifies the product portfolio while allowing for a range of variations. The copy style, typography, symbols, and colors were also modernized and harmonized.

The Wrigley’s Extra visual identity was successfully updated and unified. At the same time, the new look underscores the brand’s oral hygiene competence and excellent taste, thereby strengthening the brand perception in Germany and Scandinavia. It represents an effective synthesis of function and aesthetics. Visibility at the point of sale was increased considerably. Test results confirmed that consumers find the new look up to 30 percent more appealing.