Surpassing the competition through design innovation

Orbit regains its edge with new packaging






After dominating the gum category for years, Orbit lost its edge and began losing share to newcomers 5 and Stride. Unlike its competitors, the brand no longer resonated as strongly with younger consumers.

To re-stake its claim, Orbit needed to re-engage with this younger audience while staying true to its retro-forward equity.

To uncover key motivating insights, Interbrand tapped into this younger demographic and found that they crave inspiration for their own signature style and believe that, if you’re not changing, you’re not trying. Based on this research, Orbit repositioned itself around the concept of transformation.

Informed by consumer insights and Orbit’s new positioning, Interbrand developed package designs that leverage the brand’s retro-forward equity and create an experience built on anticipation -- and an inspiring reveal.

Interbrand brought to life this reveal through a cutting-edge printed overwrap, which leverages Orbit’s iconic “O” as a window to the inner envelope. Peeking through the window is one of 30 unique patterns designed to bring Orbit’s fashion aesthetic to life. Finally, Interbrand gave Orbit a more premium look by transitioning from a glossy to matte finish with hints of varnish on the envelope.

This design innovation has changed the game for the gum category. Rather than a pack of gum, Orbit consumers now carry a stylish accessory in their purse or pocket—an accessory that creates a badge and talk value for the brand.

The Orbit redesign hit shelves in May and immediately started generating buzz through social media channels and the press. Current scores from word-of-mouth studies online show that Orbit’s brand relevance has doubled, surpassing competitors like Trident, Stride and Dentyne.