A new name, a new identity, and a new positioning

bpost signals that it is ready to compete in a new marketplace.






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A few months ahead of the full liberalization of the Belgian postal market on January 1st 2011, the national postal operator and the country’s second largest employer (more than 35,000), De Poste-La Poste, felt the time was right to change its brand.

De Poste-La Poste asked Interbrand to develop a new name, brand strategy, and visual and verbal identity that unlocked the value behind the business strategy and signaled to the world that the business was ready to compete after full market liberalization.

A new name was created: bpost will replace De Post-La Poste as of June 17th, 2010.

In addition renaming the company, the visual and verbal identity, including logo, has been modernized to represent a dynamic company in a complex and modern digital world.

The introduction of the new logo at more than one thousand locations and on more than six thousand vehicles, as well as on post boxes and uniforms, will commence in September and proceed gradually.

The brand architecture of bpost and its subsidiaries has also been optimized to closer represent customer demands.

Johnny Thijs, CEO of bpost said of the new name: “The new name conveys our two basic characteristics. We are and will remain a postal company, and we have and will maintain strong roots in our home market. We now also have one single name, which will differentiate us internationally.”