Oneworld lifts off

We helped create and name a seamless airline alliance brand.






In 1999, British Airways, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Canadian Air, and Qantas decided to form a new alliance brand.

The alliance offered the prospect of seamless world travel, the ability to accumulate frequent flyer miles across all partner airlines, and a clear functional information system throughout every journey.

We worked with the multilateral team at the earliest stage of the new global brand’s development.

After developing the brand positioning, we proceeded to develop the name and identity. We chose the name oneworld because it keeps it simple for an international audience and does not dominate the identity of the airline parent brands. The name also communicates oneworld's key concept of “seamless global travel.”

We recommended that oneworld use a simple color-coded graphic device to denote different levels on the frequent flyer membership cards.

The project then focused on the physical implementation: signage, airport interiors, exterior aircraft, and staff recognition.

The result is a flexible, high impact, and above all, powerfully simple solution.

Flying has never been easier.