Awakening the Sleeping Beauty

How Interbrand helped Shtokman to develop the first arctic energy brand






Shtokman Development AG (SDAG) is a joint-venture company, founded by Russia's Gazprom, France's Total and Norway's StatoilHydro to develop on of the biggest gas deposits in the Artic shelf – the Shtokman field. The project will be an unprecedented breakthrough opening doors for the farther development of the ice cap's huge energy resources: it implies creating new technologies in extraction, undersea transportation and arctic security, all these accompanied by a strong environmental commitment.

Internally SDAG faces the challenge of building one team out of a multinational and multidiscipline staff. Externally it has to communicate to a variety of crucial audiences – governments, regulators, regional authorities, labour market, industry-related high schools, environmental NGOs, investors, business partners, vendors, financial institutions, etc. -  to ensure the smooth advancement of this timeless project.

Interbrand developed a brand platform translated into an unconventional visual language that reflects as a paradigm all the ideas essential to the brand. An organic cohesion of harmony and vanguard, the brand sends one message to all audiences and inspires people to set out for a great endeavour – first-in-class arctic undersea energy development project.

The dramatic duality of explorer and the ruthless hyperborean nature is reflected in a strong and firm masculine typeface of the wordmark opposed to the powerful iridescent logotype. System that covers a rich variety of applications: from headquarters interior design to helicopters, from letterheads to massive gas platforms, from support vehicles to tank ships.

The brand was launched with a great pomp on June, 17th, 2009. Employees and top management embraced it with big enthusiasm and are looking forward to extend its applications to various media. At the current stage the branding project already reached