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Andrea D'Alessandro-Samain reveals her personal use of brand strength criteria in her everyday purchase decisions. >

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While the big idea of brand—the one that grabs our attention—is being defined by strategy and creative, Interbrand’s Brand Management Systems practice is applying the operational rigor necessary to make it real. Effective implementation and management increases brand strength, speeds up the proliferation of the brand, and produces increased revenue and quality—all while reducing costs.

The ROI os Smart Brand ManagementRead on for our latest article on The ROI of Smart Brand Management and then take our six-question Brand Management Survey and see if your brand could be more time and cost efficient.

In our latest article, The ROI of Smart Brand Management, Simon Ward of Interbrand’s sister agency BrandWizard, discusses how intuitive systems and centralized processes can lead to better brand experiences for customers, employees and brand managers alike.

BrandWizard specializes in providing leading brand technology; from digital asset management to e-commerce and social media platforms. Working as a seamless part of the Interbrand team, BrandWizard uses its technology expertise and solutions to bring our brand strategies to life online.

Take our Brand Management ROI survey

Our six-question survey can help you identify specific ROI opportunities for your brand. It will highlight how a smart brand management plan can build brand value, allow for ongoing measurement of success, and serve as a decision tool for improving operations.

About Interbrand’s Brand Management Practice

With considerations around activating the brand being made at the onset, organizations are always best prepared to meet the challenges of launching and managing a new or evolved brand during early phases of an engagement. Interbrand’s Brand Management Systems approaches implementation and management through a framework consisting of tools and systems, education and collaboration, inspiration and motivation, support and administration and finally measurement and tracking. Successfully managed brands are the sum of all these parts performing in concert.

Interbrand’s dedicated team of experienced operational brand specialists has worked with some of the world’s most successful brands, from budget analysis to launch planning to rollout to ongoing consultation, to give form to the brand vision. Using best-in-class tools and services, Brand Management Systems has the knowledge and the expertise to transform a brand from idea into action.

About BrandWizard

Headquartered in New York, with further presence in London and Zurich, BrandWizard specializes in providing leading brand technology.

From digital brand guidelines to eCommerce and social media platforms, BrandWizard’s technology solutions turn online brand strategy into reality.

BrandWizard pioneered the customized, user-friendly digital brand asset management systems over 12 years ago. Today they have over 250,000 users working in more than 65 client organizations, in 14 languages and 211 countries.

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