7,125 $m
Caterpillar, manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, and diesel-electric locomotives, dominates its industry globally, as clearly evidenced in its 2012 financial performance data. The brand achieved record sales, revenues, and profits despite the uncertainty and dramatic shifts in the global marketplace. Caterpillar remains focused on long-term growth opportunities, encouraging its engineers and technologists to develop products and services that not only meet customers’ needs today, but also anticipate and address needs of the future. That initiative allowed Caterpillar to invest USD $2.5 billion into research and development in 2012, a new high for the company. Caterpillar also understands the role it plays in helping to create, build, and expand communities internationally. The brand invested USD $60 million in its communities through The Caterpillar Foundation. It has also developed a strong voice on issues that affect the brand and customers: trade, energy, infrastructure, and taxes. To ensure that strong voice is as influential as possible, Caterpillar repositioned its global engagement strategy and created a new division, Global Government & Corporate Affairs, to ensure it’s even better positioned to make a positive difference around the world. Despite the early challenges of 2013, Caterpillar remains focused on the long-term and believes focusing on its brand (even making a cameo appearance in Skyfall last year’s hit James Bond film) can help ensure it effectively communicates its story and builds sustainable success.