7,833 $m
Colgate did a great deal right in the past year, localizing its offerings to individual markets’ needs, increasing advertising, rolling out clearly articulated in-store displays, and continuing its breakneck pace of product innovation. Despite its active endeavors, the brand continued to tread water in an intensely competitive environment. In oral care, product proliferation makes brand differentiation and communicating relevance to consumers difficult. It has a solid foundation of brand strength from which to encourage brand loyalty, but must create new dynamics of consumer behavior to truly spur growth. Each year, the brand reaffirms its dedication to all things dental with innovation streams that expand its clinical products, such as PreviDent’s addition of a paste that improves re-mineralization of cavity-prone teeth. It continues its “Bright Smiles, Bright Futures” program to provide oral care hygiene in fast-developing nations and innovated with its Slim Soft line of toothbrushes, answering market feedback. Colgate strengthened its relationship with dental care professionals, ranking as the top recommended brand in Brazil. The brand must solve communication challenges, exploring new ways to connect more effectively with consumers through social media engagement, to better deliver on its promise to improve consumers’ lives. A recent PR disaster occurred in the UK when Colgate encountered unexpected turnout at an electric toothbrush swap promotion for the new USD $256 ProClinical A1500 product—an incident that shows there’s a strong need to better meet consumers’ expectations.