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HP, one of the world’s largest technology organizations, is refocusing on cloud, mobility, Big Data, and a new style of IT. In June 2013, HP announced a partnership with Google to offer small- and medium-sized businesses “IT in a Box”—a one-stop-shop technology solution—as well as launching HAVEn, a Big Data analytics platform. In recent years, the brand has undergone significant changes in both visual identity and tagline—from “Invent” to “Let’s Do Amazing,” to the current “Make It Matter.” Hopefully, HP can stick to this idea and make it last; these rapid changes create the appearance of uncertainty when the company most needs to demonstrate stability and resolve. On the consumer product front, HP continues to blur the lines between desktop, laptop, and tablet with mobile all-in-ones (e.g., HP ENVY Rove), tablets with attachable keyboards (HP ENVY x2), and touchscreen desktops that recline. As the PC category continues its decline, HP will once again enter the smartphone market, perhaps before the end of 2013. HP has failed here in the past with the acquisition and subsequent shutdown of Palm, so industry pundits see the resurrection of a mobile division as a critical moment in HP’s turnaround story. With the business focused, now is the time to ensure that the brand clearly brings HP to life across every experience.