9,004 $m
With a growing track record of building vehicles with style, design, and performance in mind, the Hyundai brand continues to strengthen its image and collect loyal fans. With a curvy design language that has driven success over the past few years, the Hyundai brand has amassed a healthy lineup of vehicles. Not only has Hyundai been working hard at retaining customers, it has also fared well with acquisitions; with the Azera, for example, about two-thirds of buyers are new to the brand. Its European strategy is also paying off, with the brand doubling its share in five years. While market conditions may have helped Hyundai gain market share from more established volume players, its leadership team understands that to reach its target of five percent European growth, the Hyundai brand will have to work much harder. To help connect with a global consumer, Hyundai is investing nearly USD $400 million in the World Rally Championships in addition to the brand’s strong visibility in UEFA and FIFA football sponsorships. The industry is also taking notice of models such as the aspirational luxury Genesis concept car, unveiled at the 2013 Detroit Motor Show, and the sporty 2012 Veloster, which retains 82 percent of its MSRP retail value. Ongoing investment and continuous refinements to its lineups have put Hyundai in a solid position to achieve significant market share in the next few years.