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“Moving beyond” seems to be the recurring theme for Prada, a brand celebrating the centennial of its first store this year. While the brand’s heritage would allow for a safe bet on its past, Prada chooses to constantly redefine its present with a confident, unorthodox attitude. To celebrate its anniversary in Milan’s Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Prada is planning a dramatic expansion with a flexible layout to house retail, events, and the brand’s headquarters. Working with OMA/Rem Koolhaas, Prada is also involved in the transformation of historic industrial buildings and the construction of a tower in Largo Isarco in Milan that will serve as a new art center complex for Fondazione Prada. The brand’s relationship with the arts is the natural result of its values. From Prada Journal, a literary contest metaphorically inspired by eyewear as a lens-filtering reality, to the widely-endorsed Small Utopia: Ars Multiplicata exhibition in Venice, featuring the likes of Warhol, Oldenburg, and Duchamp, to the Dress Gatsby collaboration with Catherine Martin for Baz Luhrmann’s film adaptation of the classic Fitzgerald novel, Prada can credibly claim to have shifted its strategy from traditional campaigns to full-fledged projects. The brand is working to effectively integrate digital and physical touchpoints, better engaging with its consumers. With fresh designs and more than 460 stores stirring desire across markets and cultures, Prada continues to grow its presence globally.