39,610 $m
Samsung is a category leader in mobile, surpassing Apple in smartphone sales, grabbing 30.3 percent market share of smartphone shipments and making USD $5.2 billion on handsets in the second quarter. Thanks to innovative products such as the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note II and a massive marketing spend of more than USD $4 billion in 2012 (four times Apple’s budget), the brand continues to strengthen its position globally. With its focus on being an aspirational brand to its target audience of young consumers, Samsung is wooing Millennials with high-profile partnerships with celebrities like Alexander Wang, LeBron James, Usher, and Jay Z. Samsung continues to focus on connectivity across its portfolio including home appliances, digital cameras, and TVs in a bid to differentiate its brand in an age when consumers are demanding sharing and accessibility. The Galaxy S4, marketed as a “life companion,” includes features like navigating without touching the screen and built-in health monitoring. Its tech-savvy refrigerators track what’s in consumers’ fridges and suggest recipes, while its Smart TV suggests what to watch and operates with voice commands. Samsung is evolving its brand to stand for more than just innovation and strives to live up to its internal ambition of enhancing the lives of its consumers. It’s demonstrating how its products lead to a better life, making good on its vision to “inspire the world, create the future.”