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Business Services
Three years since the acquisition of ACS, Xerox represents a prime example of a brand in transition. The business strategy of growing services and maintaining a leadership position in technology is fueling a shift in the fundamentals of its business; for the first time in the brand’s history, revenue from services now makes up a bigger piece of the pie than the document technology business. It is fitting, then, that in a year of landmark paradigm shifts for Xerox, the company is celebrating the 75th anniversary of patent attorney Chester Carlson’s 1938 invention, xerography, which was a technology created to simplify the painstaking process of manually copying patents. The spirit of Carlson’s groundbreaking achievement is evident in the way CEO Ursula Burns has incisively connected the two sides of the Xerox brand through the idea of “simplifying the way work gets done.” Xerox is poised to deliver against this brand mission, helping customers from small businesses to global enterprises. Advantageous positions in growing segments like healthcare afford the brand a valuable messaging opportunity to tell a compelling story around how it is, in fact, simplifying the overly complex. Armed with an ever-evolving visual identity, CMO Christa Carone is spearheading an increased focus on marketing and social media engagement for the brand. Xerox is leveraging a great opportunity to apply its existing equity and consumer trust to its future growth.