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“Living and working together for the common good,” or “Kyosei,” has been Canon’s corporate philosophy since 1988. It is a vision that fits well with a focus on sustainability and helps put corporate citizenship at the heart of the brand. This is reflected in the company’s mid-term strategy, Phase IV of the Excellent Global Corporation Plan, and it’s something that the brand brings to life in its interactions with stakeholders. Canon looks to affect every aspect of the product lifecycle, from manufacturing and recycling through to actual use, with developments like the Ecology Information Plug-in, which makes environmental impact during product use “visible.” In the spirit of raising wider awareness of issues, Canon has been a longtime partner with the WWF and has used its expertise to help digitize the not-for-profit’s massive image collection to make it readily available online to offices globally. 2012 also saw the introduction of a new Canon Group CSR Activity Policy and a commitment to contribute to the promotion of both enriched lifestyles and the global environment. However, considering the scale of the ambition laid out in its corporate philosophy, Canon could go even further in both disclosing more about its actual environmental activities as well as communicating them more proactively to the wider public. Across both performance and perceptions, there is a great story waiting to be told.