Gap Score

The top Best Global Green Brand for the third year in a row, Toyota is losing ground to auto rivals Nissan, Ford, and Honda in overall environmental sustainability performance, but leads them in perceived performance thanks to a single sub-brand: the Prius, with more than 2.9 million models sold worldwide in 2012 (1.2 million in the US alone). It scores #1 for perception in its home country, where it’s exploring the future of mobility at the Toyota Ecoful Town, a low-carbon pilot project in Toyota City, Japan. The world’s biggest auto maker—and Asia’s biggest manufacturer—aims to produce even more efficient, cleaner-emitting cars and further reduce its operational impact. It's rolling out more than 20 new hybrid models in the next three years (including a refreshed RAV4 EV this year) and a full hydrogen car in 2015, while developing new fuel-cell technologies, lithium-air batteries, and LED lighting technologies. Operationally, Toyota reduced greenhouse gas emissions and energy and water consumption, and kept millions of pounds of cardboard and wood out of landfills by using reusable metal containers for shipping and distribution. Partnerships such as TogetherGreen with the US National Audubon Society also help build goodwill with consumers.